31 Jan

How learning robotics can help our students succeed in tomorrow’s world

Sometimes becomes hard to imagine how the future will look like. Sometimes trying to acknowledge how fast technology progressed can be scary and fasci...

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25 Jan

Serious Educational Games and new STEM technologies: Educating for tomorrow’s world

A few weeks ago, we had the privilege of having Dr. Leonard Annetta as a speaker in one of our STEM webinars. During our first conversation when prepa...

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11 Jan

Guest Blogger: Creating a STEAM-Based Makerspace in Your Classroom

Educators know that the modern, relevant classroom is an evolving classroom. For the most part that’s a good thing, because it signals that changes ...

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2 Jan

A STEM teacher story: Kathy Dasho

We just closed a fantastic year. A year in which we could show the world how amazing it can be to teach STEM with cyber robotics. A year of coding com...

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