31 Oct

Should We Take a Second Look at How We Teach These Days?

Enjoy part I of a three-part series written by our featured guest writer, Maria Anna van Driel, of the Next Truth magazine and podcast www.nexttruth.c...

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26 Oct

October 26, 2017

Version 42.30.757 This release will energize your robot Say goodbye to Nuts and Bolts. Your robot will now collect energy in the form of batteries...

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23 Oct

Guest Blogger: 5 Mistakes That Can Hinder Gender-Neutral STEM Education

From preschool through college and even in the workplace, STEM education benefits from diversity and inclusion. Gender-neutral education programs offe...

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19 Oct

CoderZ™ Announces: Sponsoring Cyber Robotics Coding Competition in NH

The New Hampshire Department of Education and theISCEF Foundation join forces to announce the NH Cyber Robotics Coding Challenge. Intelitek, our pare...

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10 Oct

How to Educate in the 4th Industrial Revolution

We are facing the 4th industrial revolution: A revolution that has to do with the internet, the digital tools, and with robotics. A revolution in whic...

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9 Oct

October 9, 2017

Version 42.32.721 Here is the list of the newest CoderZfeatures: Main Highlights: EV3 Consistency and Gyro accuracy improvements Added repeat f...

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