31 Jan

STEAM and the inclusion of art into STEM

Art has always been an intriguing, interesting and a full-of-passion field. Throughout the years we have seen different applications of art in technol...

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23 Jan

5 quotes about education that anticipated the STEM model

STEM education isn’t only about technology, coding and robotics. STEM education also comes to offer the world an interdisciplinary model based on in...

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17 Jan

The best online platforms to learn how to code

I’m a communicator. I love to write, read and to tell stories. Since I was a kid I had issues trying to understand how I could apply what I was lear...

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15 Jan

7 Reasons why we should change the current educational system right now

It’s true, we’ve been using the same educational system for more than a century. It’s true, there are still some very successful people ruling t...

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9 Jan

Teaching kids to code with Raspberry Pi

Learning Computer Science Using Raspberry Pi As the pace of technology has multiplied, parents’ and educators’ interest in engaging their students...

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