19 Dec

Teachers as role models: The story of an American teacher in China

"Not all those who wander are lost." - J.R.R. Tolkien I understood from my earliest teaching days the importance of my role in the classroom not just ...

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17 Dec

December 17, 2017

Version 42.36.973 Higher performances, more features, less bugs New UI for the Missions Center, easier to find what you're looking for or jump str...

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12 Dec

The Best STEM Gifts for the 2017 Holidays

Wow! We can’t believe a year has passed since we recommended these 8 amazing STEM gifts for your students and children. Today, we want to insist on ...

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29 Nov

Guest Blogger: How 2017 STEM Research Can Inspire a New Approach in 2018

For nearly sixty years, there has been a growing shift in U.S. education toward science, technology, engineering, and math, or STEM. STEM is an interd...

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20 Nov

November 20, 2017

Version 42.36.891 Here are the highlights: COPPA compliance for under 13 students Default values for many Blockly blocks New Robohash avatars ...

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17 Nov

First Cyber Robotics Coding Competitions Kick Off!

A few weeks ago we hit the gong. After long meetings with different organizations, and extensive preparation on the part of both the CoderZ and the In...

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8 Nov

Enabling more students to learn with cyber robotics

Learning processes have changed. We live in a society that constantly demands the right skillsets and the correct abilities to succeed in a future whi...

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31 Oct

Should We Take a Second Look at How We Teach These Days?

Enjoy part I of a three-part series written by our featured guest writer, Maria Anna van Driel, of the Next Truth magazine and podcast www.nexttruth.c...

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26 Oct

October 26, 2017

Version 42.30.757 This release will energize your robot Say goodbye to Nuts and Bolts. Your robot will now collect energy in the form of batteries...

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23 Oct

Guest Blogger: 5 Mistakes That Can Hinder Gender-Neutral STEM Education

From preschool through college and even in the workplace, STEM education benefits from diversity and inclusion. Gender-neutral education programs offe...

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