29 Sep

4 iPad apps that teach kids coding

There are a variety of iPad coding apps for kids. In this day and age, all students should have the opportunity to learn how to code with STEM lesson ...

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22 Sep

The best sites to learn about education and robotics

We are overwhelmed. We constantly receive information about new education and robotics sites, and without even noticing, we see ourselves in the middl...

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20 Sep

Amazing TED Talks about Robots and Coding

There's no doubt, TED Talks always bring us inspiration, knowledge and new ideas to talk and think about. Robotics, education, coding and STEM are not...

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13 Sep

Why you should teach your kids how to code

Don’t worry. You are not the first person in the world going through this dilemma. Many teachers and parents who didn’t grow up in a world that ev...

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11 Sep

6 people in education and robotics who keep inspiring us

Just likeevery project, brand, product or service, we are in a constant search for inspiration. Many things inspire us to reach our goals and to build...

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1 Sep

Tips from an Expert: How to succeed with your robotics team

We all want to be successful in whatever it is we are involved in: Our jobs, our hobbies and our relationships. If you are on a robotics team, you pro...

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